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posted May 3, 2011, 11:11 AM by Kayla Reidel

WelcomeWest is a neighborhood movement connecting the people and assets of the Westside of Grand Rapids. WelcomeWest is the driving force behind events like WinterWest at Richmond Park and the annual Back to School Kids Parade.

We want to introduce you to our latest project: LiveWest. LiveWest is a month-long tangible expression of our mission. Our goal is to live hyper local, with the challenge to spend every dollar possible within our Westside neighborhoods and experience as many things as uniquely Westside as possible. We have many popular destinations within our boundaries and we hope to discover many new gems hidden right here in our own neighborhood.

The LiveWest challenge is being led by a group of home owning residents. This group, as well as guest bloggers, will post their discoveries and highlight local businesses on our website, Twitter (#LiveWest) and Facebook (@WelcomeWest) will also enable real time updates and community participation in the events of LiveWest.

What is the purpose of LiveWest?
        • To bring positive attention to all things Westside from well-known local businesses and community
                attractions to unique spots not yet discovered.
        • To create space for residents and business owners, neighbors and friends, to interact around the idea
               of intentionally building a strong and vibrant community.
        • To encourage involvement in neighborhood organizations and business and community associations.
        • To raise awareness of locally spent dollars and demonstrate the positive impact you can make by
                frequenting a locally owned establishment.

Everyone is welcome to join us in this challenge – including you! Here are ways you can participate:
        • Highlight your business on the “LiveWest Discounts” page of our website. This will be free of charge
                to any business within our defined area. Offer a discount when a customer mentions “LiveWest” during the                        month of May.
        • Join in the spirit of LiveWest and provide a free or discounted service to one of your loyal customers.
        • Publicize your business on our website with your logo and a link, starting at just $25; your contribution
                will help sustain WelcomeWest.
        • Put a WelcomeWest sticker in the front window of your business indicating that you’ve joined the
                movement! The suggested contribution of $10 per sticker will help support the movement.

Contact us by e-mail at to join the movement and have your business highlighted
in one of these ways!

WelcomeWest is a not-for-profit entity founded with the purpose of marketing the Westside and fostering
collaboration between and among our neighborhoods and business groups. Our grassroots efforts stem from the love
of the 49504 and the belief that by telling the positive stories of the Westside, we can build a more sustainable and
vibrant community. Learn more at

                                                                            The boundaries for LiveWest are the Grand
                                                                            River to the East and South, the city limits to
                                                                            the North, and Oakleigh Ave. to the West.