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Agenda for July 13, 2016 JBAN Board Meeting

posted Jul 12, 2016, 11:31 AM by Marie Cimochowicz
  1. Call Meeting to Order – (1 min.)

  2. Introductions

  3. Guest speaker-

    • Catherine Zietse- City of Grand Rapids, Pool Demolition at the end of summer.

    • GRFD-Captain Mark Noorman-Platform 3

    • Jason Goei-Goei Center liquor license request

    • GRPD-Community Officer Kurt Hintz

  4. Officer Reports (30 minutes)

    • Treasurer- Year end by 7/15/16

    • Secretary –Minutes to be approved

  5. Staff reports (10 minutes)

  6. Mission statement work

  7. Westside Collaborative involvement

  8. New development projects on Westside-Housing chair needed

    • Bicycle Factory

    • Louis on Bridge

    • Goei Center liquor license.

    • SLU request from Rockford Construction (area east of corporate)

  9. Website

  10. Home Share

  11. Membership-donor in need of document

  12. CID Street Scaping-Next project for the summer-Electrical box painting and mural. Details to follow.

  13. PAL program. Goal to identify Parks Alive Leaders for Westown, and Douglas Parks.

  14. Westside Collaborative-

    • update Laker Line parking issues not resolved. Consultant referring neighborhood Parking Services for further discussion. Parking at Zoo, the school property on Veto/Lexington and permit parking being discussed. Passed report to the Collaborative for broader discussion. Status

  15. Computers

    • Status of new computers

    • Alternate forms of non-electronic communication needed. Mike Loxerman reviewing online tutorial for staff on how to maintain a website.

  16. PAL program. Goal to identify Parks Alive Leaders for Westown, and Douglas Parks.

  17. Budget-goal to generate general funds of $3,500 or more. About $2,100 in interest rolled over to general fund and additional donation of $500 provided, leaving a shortfall of $900 yet to be met. A grant for $500 to be submitted, leaving a balance of $400 needed. Status of Corporate Foundation Grants Tool-Team to investigate. GRANT to be submitted on 9/15.

  18. WebProcure- Keep on agenda until complete. JBAN must update the registration in WebProcure, once we file a tax statement using John Ball Area Neighbors dba SWAN and the IRS has noted the change in their records

  19. Standing Committee Reports – schedule to develop annual plans (planning templates)

    • Membership – (5 min.)-Process in place. Need volunteers to send out notices to those with expiring memberships and contact those that have not responded to previous notices

    • Housing – (5 min.)

    • Beautification – (5 min.)

    • Fundraising- Status of grant applications (15 minutes)-LISC, Tree, Lexington School, Big Boy and McDonalds. Technical grant-NEED to mail. Group met. Margo to distribute notes and assign duties.

    • Public Safety (5 min.) – Leverage off Beautification to establish block clubs